Perry County Soldier Begins Casting

Perry County Soldier Begins Casting

Currently, we have just finished the model sculpting phase of a custom, life-size saluting soldier for Perry County, Pennsylvania that will be cast in bronze soon.  This custom design is made for Perry County for their Memorial Wall project that will be unveiled on Veterans Day next year.  Obviously, we will have this done by the year’s end for them to have in plenty of time to construct the memorial.

See the photos of the 1:1 scale model that was just finished before starting the mould creation for bronze casting.  We only use real bronze metal ingot purchased direct from the mines in Italy as we never use any scrap metal or junk metal like many do.  Our costs stay down as we keep out any “artist ego” from our pricing to keep our designs plus custom designs affordable for quality compared to the competition.

We have put in a lot of work to accommodate Perry County as it is a tribute to a local soldier who lost his life that was from the area.  Our in house sculptor used photos of him for inspiration in the facial design without being a likeness to really stand out to all visitors in the area after Veterans Day 2018.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 11 2018 if you are the in the area.

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